The Encyclopedia on Saivam in Tamil

The encyclopaedia has been structured to match with world standards, of publishing with more than 3000 colour photos and a multi colour presentation in A4 paper of excellent quality. Each volume comprises of 650 to 895 pages based on the requirement of the topic. The ten volumes along with the introduction is spread over 7200 pages. More than 1500 graphics have been used to register the much valued messages of Saivam (Saivism). Each volume comprises the foreword, felicitation, introduction, editor's introduction, details of the editorial team, contents, topics and appendix.

The compilation of thanks giving comprises details of scholars, books publishers and providers of information, who enabled the publication of the encyclopaedia.

The editorial team decided on ten volumes of the encyclopaedia including the antiquity of Saivam (Saivism), its wide reach, the Saivite shrines, amazing content of innumerable Saivite works, and the importance of the Saivite saints

Though the encyclopaedia has been compiled as ten volumes, for the convenience of the readers, one volume is largely related to the other volume. Alphabetical order, the grammar of an encyclopaedia has been followed in the compilation of topics.

Ten volumes - An introduction ( Tamilnadu of Saivism )

The first volume titled Saivism in Tamilnadu contains all the information on the 2750 year long journey of Saivism spread over 900 pages. Around 5100 categories of information have found their way into the volume, which is the culmination of the work of 50 scholars for over six years.

World of Saivism (beyond Tamil Nadu)

The second volume focusses on the world of Saivism. The volume contains information along with photographs of around 250 well known Saivite shrines in states other than Tamil Nadu. Great efforts have been taken to include information on Saivite literature, Indian philosophical thought and Saivite organisations from across the country. Saivism in Sri Lanka has been highlighted with around 300 references, Eight essays spread over 175 pages, has been included on the spread of Saivism in the Far East. In the concluding chapters, information on the 175 temples built over 200 years, in countries other than India, Sri Lanka have been included. This volume has been a challenge to the editorial team.

Saivite hymns

The third volume contains detailed and subtle information on the 12 compilation of hymns sung by 27 saints which are considered as saivite scriptures.

Saivite centres of pilgrimages

The fourth volume contains researched information on the 476 centres of pilgrimage glorified by the Saivite hymns. The volume will no doubt be a lamp of guidance for those who aspire to visit these shrines. Information under 24 headings have been provided regarding each of these shrines.

Shrines of the later period

Great efforts have gone into the making of the fifth volume which contains information on the 2500 Saivite shrines, 1500 temples dedicated to Lord Karthikeya, 108 Siva Sakti shrines, exclusive dieties, temples dedicated to Lord Vinayaka, and places of worship dedicated to 999 rural dieties after the 9th century.

Saivite Saints

The sixth volume contains the detailed history of 710 Saivite saints, beginning with Agathiar to the contemporary. One will no doubt be touched by the history of such saints which has the potential for creating ten more Periyapuranams. Moreover the appendix contains the compiled information on the memorials of 300 other saints, of the Saivite tradition.

Saivite literature

The seventh volume on Saivite literature is the first documentation of 10000 works authored by 2615 Saivite writers. The appendix includes a compilation of 2250 hymns from 45 Saivite works. Moreover 220 hymns and the respective detailed explanations have been graphically featured in this volume.

Saiva siddhantha

The Eighth volume focusses on Saiva Siddhantha as enunciated by Meikandar on the lines of Sankara's Advaita, Ramanuja's Visistadvaita and Madhwa's Dvaita. This volume contains the maiden documentation of Saiva Siddhantha, eulogised by Swami Vivekananda as world's most genuine philosophical school of thought which could be subjected to deep research and learning. The volume contains the research extracts of 100 Saivite scholars, 150 intellectuals, 700 works, and 300 commentaries. The appendix includes a glossary of rare words, and explanatory photographs.

Saivite organisations

The ninth volume contains 940 pieces of information on the phenomenal growth of Saivism in Tamil Nadu since the later part of the 15 century. This volume contains details of the Saivite Mutts, 220 organisations set up with the objective of fostering Saivism, the 225 singers who excelled in the rendition of saivite hymns, magazines on Saivism, patrons and their families, 400 spiritual masters and innumerable servitors.

Glorious Gateway

This volume is an introduction to around 50000 kinds of information on Saivism, in an alphabetical order. The volume has been designed to enable the reader to identify and retrieve any information, in any volume, in the concerned page. This volume also contains felicitatory articles and notes of thanks giving to those who contributed to the compilation