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The encyclopaedia has been structured to match with world standards, of publishing with more than 3000 colour photos and a multi colour presentation in A4 paper of excellent quality. Each volume comprises of 650 to 895 pages based on the requirement of the topic. The ten volumes along with the introduction is spread over 7200 pages. More than 1500 graphics have been used to register the much valued messages of Saivam (Saivism). Each volume comprises the foreword, felicitation, introduction, editor's introduction, details of the editorial team, contents, topics and appendix.

The compilation of thanks giving comprises details of scholars, books publishers and providers of information, who enabled the publication of the encyclopaedia.

The editorial team decided on ten volumes of the encyclopaedia including the antiquity of Saivam (Saivism), its wide reach, the Saivite shrines, amazing content of innumerable Saivite works, and the importance of the Saivite saints

Though the encyclopaedia has been compiled as ten volumes, for the convenience of the readers, one volume is largely related to the other volume. Alphabetical order, the grammar of an encyclopaedia has been followed in the compilation of topics.